Friday, April 08, 2011

A Cast of Characters

We have Miss Chicken.

We don't really know how she got her name, but she is the last of the 'wild' chickens that were given to us over a year ago.

She rules the yard.
She stands down Morris.

If you are not on time with her breakfast, she will peck on the back door...and if that doesn't work, she will hop onto the picnic table and then fly at the kitchen window ~~~ causing my husband to spurt hot coffee all over himself.

'Nuff said.
Miss Chicken rules!

Badger, most of you know Badger.
My buddy my personal mule, my best-est friend. He will never repeat a secret.
I had him out with me today and curried him while waiting for the large stock tank to fill with water.

Miss Chicken walked by in a huff.

Badger enjoyed some green April grass.

I'm worried the high temps this weekend will be hard on his COPD.

The seriously human challenged mule.
I took her out yesterday on a solo ride.
She has herd issues, but did exactly as I asked of her.
She however does not like to stand still.
She likes to keep moving and doing.
But ask her to climb ONE nasty hill and she goes like it is absolutely nothing.
No Big Deal. Ok. That is cool with me. Tonight I moved her to a new paddock.
She let me rub her ears and mess with her.

Seems we might just do fine together.
On our ride yesterday, we came across the strangest of sites.
The HillBilly Deer Blind.

That is what the dudes who put it there call it.
It is a piece of work. ...I was extremely disappointed that it did not have Green Bay Packer stickers on it.

Opal thought it would surely turn into a fire breathing dragon that could eat molly mules.
I convinced her otherwise by telling her it ate old fat horses.
She was pleased.

Today...the big Sale at Johnson's One Stop in Seneca, WI.

We bought fence wire for our Dexter Cattle...and because our line fence is in serious need of repair.
Yes, he was around today.
He was naughty.
So he doesn't get his picture in the blog today.

He ate something nasty and barfed on the carpet.

[Am I allowed to say that on my blog?....I think so...]

Then came the end of the day.

Miss Chicken had laid an egg.

Morris, well we know what he did.
Badger had some fresh grass.
Opal had shown that she can like people.

We'd purchased farm supplies.
Chores were done.
The evening was coming.

The farm was ready for sleep.

The Dexter Cattle mooed, then quietened as they lay down on a partially moonlit sky and chewed their cud.

All is well.

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Rose said...

Just so wonderful the way you tell about your day. You make normal things so entertaining. Wish I was close enough to come visit your place!