Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mystery of Missing Hedgehogs~By Morris

I woke up on Monday and came downstairs to play with my toys.

To my horror and, which SHE says is a constant state of mind, um the confusion part...
I could not find my Hedgehog family.
Crazy the Squirrel was tucked nicely into my toybox.

But no Hedgehogs.
I went upstairs and poked around.
I went in the kitchen and looked under all of the chairs.
I looked in the bathroom and in the tub.
I looked behind the couch.

Then I sat in the middle of the living room floor and stared at HER.

SHE must be dense because SHE did not figure out that something was terribly wrong. SHE said to HIM that I must be sad because the grand kids were gone. Oh, I was, I do love the grand kids.

They are great friends, they love to run with me and play with me. I wish I could put them in my toybox or in my crate and keep them from going home.
[then I'd always have someone to play with!]

Finally SHE realized that I only had left the Crazy Squirrel on the living room floor. SHE finally realized that the mess I normally make by spreading out all of my stuffed toys was absent.

SHE walked over to the Kid Toybox and opened it. What a relief! There was my Hedgehog family!
I grabbed them one by one out of the box and tossed them about on the floor.

Then since all was well, I could resume my duties by holding the corner of the couch down and taking a long awaited nap.

Mystery solved.

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