Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mule Adventure

There is something to be said for mules and mule-adventures.
Hmmm, what?

Ok, let me start this all over.

We caught up Opal and Badger, because it was such a nice afternoon. The pretense was, we'd go riding together and look for antler sheds.

Well interestingly enough, we hit the Jackpot. I was more into riding and looking at the wildflowers coming up, my husband was keeping his keen eyes peeled for white antler sheds.

I found flowers,
He found sheds.

We were riding in the back valley and generally just taking it easy when I heard an


He never *ah hahs* with that much enthusiasm unless it is something quite spectacular.
Which of course, it was.

Had it been a full set, he'd have had a 12 point buck!
The trail we were following has a large tree downed across it. It has been there for about 3 years and is a favorite spot to get our mules to jump in hand.
Which of course we did.

Those mules can be quite handy when coming to obstacles in the woods. Truly there is no other way over this downfall.
Barbed wire fence on on side and a rocky drop off on the other side...

We got home just before dusk and put the mules away.
What a fine spring afternoon.


mj said...

What a great post ... great day ... and wonderful mules!

Val said...

Thanks MJ...we do love our adventures!