Thursday, June 26, 2008

What to do while unemployed

Well, for one thing, look for a job. I have applied for unemployment benefits which I've never done in my entire life.
But then again... I've never been 'let go' in my entire life from any job either.

Yesterday I took hubby to the very same clinic I used to work at. Rich could barely walk, he allowed me to get a wheelchair for him~you know he is one hurtin' puppy then!

While being seen by Doc, some of my co-workers came by and threw their arms around me -- moaning how much they missed my cheerful face. Literally I was mugged and hugged. The lab tech I worked with two weeks ago didn't know about my 'dismissal' or whatever they are calling it...she was aghast. Many people told me and hubby that the clinic made a huge mistake.

Nice, but it doesn't get me re-employed.

I do have an appointment to review my employee record next Tuesday. Since I was never told anything but...'we are letting you go because you are not a good fit', tells me nothing about the WHY. I want to see the manager's notes and WI law allows me to.

Rich was DX'd with hip bursitis, along with injured tendons, strained muscles, and an inflamed femoral nerve. [this causes him not to be able to walk]
He did this while spending two days clipping the meadow pasture for weed prevention and encouraging new growth. The leg effected was the clutch leg. He also was bouncing around and sitting turned to watch behind him ... he backed into many places to trim between trees and over used and abused his leg and hip muscles.

He is in sleepy land with pain meds now ~ and a shot of cortisone in the 'cheek'.

Rich made me replace my 30 yr old Brother sewing machine. The bobber spring died a bad death on my old one.

So now unemployed and searching for jobs...I am mending, making curtains out of materials on hand to keep the hot summer light out.

I am training mules each day, doing the chores, and being a 'gopher' for the guy who is hobbling along.

Soon I'll also be picking up my Mother In Law's canning supplies and making some homemade jams and jellies. My garden is looking well tended for a woman who hates vegetable gardening.

Eeeks. I'm being domestic. I'm not sure this is good. Because I'm sort of enjoying it.

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Rachel said...

I wouldn't be surprised if you find NOTHING in your file at work. I bet you're merely a statistic of favoritism--but on the wrong end of that.