Friday, August 03, 2007

The Tubes are HERE and more...

Seems everyone becomes an expert or an inspector. Badger took a walk with me to inspect the driveway tubes. He seemed not afraid of them, but rather curious. He was however put off by the fact that someone 'moved' the woods on him! He stood quite perplexed and stared at the dozer job.

Okay the guys are working on the driveway with their very manly machinery and I just got back from town.

While at therapy, I turned in a job application for VMH. Two therapists told me to run out to the veterinarian's office to see Dr. Lenay who would be opening her new facility soon. I'd used Dr. Lenay for years so she knows me well as a client until she got out of large animals.
So after driving over and shooting the breeze, Dr. Lenay handed me a job application and asked me to fill it out. No promises of course, she casually told me all the things they wanted in each of the positions that she had open.

Are wonders never ceasing?

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