Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Morris, the dog.

Morris the dog, was actually named Morris the Cat after that very famous commerical icon. But I wanted to name him Charlie the Tuna after one of my Dad's best commercial campaigns. We got Morris the year before my father died and my husband wanted to give him a silly name.
Well Morris stuck and that is what he is ... a silly, funny, loving, Jack Russell Terrier who knows nothing about being a Jack Russell.

He'd rather play frisbee and ball than chase a squirrel.
He loves to eat.
He loves to hike with me.
He loves to pick his own berries [see above!]
He loves to ride in vehicles and play navigator.
He loves tractor rides...and takes every opportunity to get in hubby's bobcat.
Most of all he entertains endlessly.

He makes me smile each day.
Morris considered his own blog, but soon forgot it due to his sometimes limited attention span.

We don't have television [by choice since 1999] and Morris provides us with as much cool entertainment as we can handle.
When I come back, I want to come back as a dog like him.

He is yawning and watching me from his perch on the bed. He's pretty sure that it isn't time to get up yet, and he is comfy right where he is, thank you very much!


Niki said...

AND it's been shown that his healing affects are paramount. Good dog to have around. He's so cute and your love for him is wonderful.

Val said...

Thanks Niki, he is a pretty special pal and even Rich has a kind heart for him!