Monday, February 05, 2007

College--the old fashioned way...

College--the old fashioned way...
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Thanks Liz and Rachel for stopping by while I was away at 'school' this weekend. I spent the weekend with MIL doing household chores and helping bake a yummy cake!
It was -10° all day, even the Amish horsies didn't want to start I guess because none of the Amish neighbors went by on their way to church.
As I write this it is already around -17°. It didn't feel that cold when I walked from the shed to the house.

Oh was the moonlight ever beautiful on the snow! The snow squeaked beneath our feet as we walked to the house. Hubby and I had supper with 'mom' and watched the superbowl. Big party, all three of us!

I've been doing my assignments for school and have done everything for this week!
I did my taxes today.
I cleaned a house.
I did laundry.

I used ice and some pain meds and now I'm ready for bed. I sure don't want to get up in the morning and face the Monday morning blahs. I had such a peaceful weekend.

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