Wednesday, February 15, 2006

She's gone, forever

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I can't believe she is gone now. I had no warning. She was so much a part of me as most of my animals are. We'll never pick berries again, nor will she entertain me in the moon light as she pounced catlike on field mice when she was supposed to be hunting racoon.
I hope you find your freedom now Queen, running without a care, hunting the field mice without mercy.
But I really do miss you.


  1. What happened? I knew that you were supposed to be giving her away.

  2. She was 'put down' while I wasn't home. She growled at hubby and he said he was afraid she'd do that to her new owner and be trouble.
    Sigh. She just didn't like him much.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. I know how much you loved her. Still keeping you in my thoughts and hoping your shoulder surgery goes well. Rachel's back from visiting Brooke. I've missed reading her posts when I come home from work. I always keep a check on you two. :)

  4. Thanks Liz, yes Queen really meant alot to me. If it is any consolation, I still have Morris. But I won't raise any hound pups for hubby any more.

  5. :o( That still just breaks my heart.