Friday, February 03, 2006

It is supposed to turn cold and icky today. Yesterday was a fine day. Of course I spent it at home with hubby ... my day off from work. I even got rest last night!
We spent a good part of the day working on the electric fence for our critters. Seems for some reason we just aren't gettin' the zap we need past a certain part of the fence. This has been an on and off again problem.
The point is, it was warm, and it was pleasant to work side by side with my dear husband, my good friend ... who has been a real trooper through this frozen shoulder
I surely don't know what I'd done [other than go crazy] without him so far.

I also must get out to Xena's grave and straighten things out and tidy them up. I walked back there and took this looks sort of eerie and you can't read her name on the wood anymore. I still long for those anxious eyes and that attitude that only she ever had...oh, Xena was a terrier that died young.

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Rachel said...

So glad to hear you guys had a great day together. I love days like that. :)

I know how much you must miss Xena. I miss my Doberman Danda who died in 1999 every single day. She was a great pal.