Monday, July 11, 2016

It is going to be HOT and Muggy

Sunshine comes in from the Merry Meadow pre dawn and is followed by her sister, Sundance. 
The farrier arrives later today and sometimes it can be a pain to try and separate these girls from the rest of the gals.

However the red sisters came right to the gate together and I was able to put them in a nice shady pasture next to the Meadow.

They were happy but the other ladies and donkeys were slighty perturbed.

The Red Mollies tossed their noses up at them and went to grazing.
I didn't realize that things would go this way when I walked out before dawn to watch the sun rise over the Merry Meadow.
It was worth it in more than one way.

The girls seemed happy enough, so I left them to grazing. The farrier will be here this afternoon and they can enjoy the extra shady area until them.

Looks like a busy day in store for us, the contractors showed up and I've got to scurry around and move a few items.

Doors and trim come today. Also they will be trimming out the windows.

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