Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Rainy Day Hike

On Saturday the rains moved in.  
I had planned on going for a walk to look at wild flowers and hopefully find a morel or two.

I put on my Frogg Toggs and decided to stick a pocket camera inside my pocket and go see what I could find despite the rainfall.

I used my weatherproof Fuji pocket camera and hoped that it was still weatherproof after all of these years.

My Frogg Toggs got muddy but seemed to hold up pretty well, I spent almost 2 hours in the rain and didn't get wet.
However I did get muddy.

I found some False Morels, these were all over on a north facing hillside.
Very nasty mushrooms from what I understand.  

These should never be confused with Morels, their stems are solid not hollow like a morel is.

I also found strawberry plants that were starting to bloom near the creek.

To my horror, I found a large patch of Garlic Mustard.  
I pulled as much as I could, even though this is not in our woods.  

So I spent the day hunting for morels and found just one, but also discovered two patches of garlic mustard.  As I pulled them I found dutchman breeches under them.  
These are awful plants and this forest will more than likely become invaded by this plant.

No animals eat it.

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