Monday, November 16, 2015

Textures and photos, and the Grunge Movement.

Textures, grunge frames, overlaying of colors to a photograph seem to have finally caught on with the folks who teach Photoshop classes now.

You can even purchase a Texture stand alone, or plug-in program by Topaz Lab . I think they just released it last week.  I tried it, but decided I like the old way of doing things. Looking or creating layers myself and adding them together to come up with a 'piece'. Their plug in hated my processor and crashed non stop, so I ended up uninstalling it and going back to the drawing board.  

I first tried overlaying textures in 2008 and I can tell you I was pretty bad at it.

As I kept at it and reading and experimenting with it, I started seeing some improvement.

I even went a bit with the Grunge Look.  

However I do like straight shooting and not spending hours trying to edit a photo into a Grunge Fine Art Piece.

Fine Art Grunge Courses...Grab it now for only $395!
Oh wow.
I think I will pass.

I then tried some subtle 'Grunge' and Textures.  I found in certain images it really added a special feel to it.

Villa Louis in Prairie du Chein, WI.

Then there is all the reason in the world to experiment with Grunge, Textures, and ... composites.

This photo of a hound dog is my favorite.

So each year when November comes along and things are very dreary, I re-address other forms of artwork.  Sometimes it is graphic art and 3D type of fractals, other times I see what I can compose with a photo.

Yesterday I took some late afternoon shots of some of our mules.

I did edit them.

Old Mules:

A bit of texture added and vignetting.

Below is a screen shot of my workflow for this last edit.

Original shot:

then the final outcome.

I look at it now and think it could use a bit more work, so I may take this back to the drawing board...or PaintShopPro and do a little more.
It isn't growing on me at all.  I like a softer backround and this is a bit too rough...

It is all according to personal taste and perhaps the fun of being able to alter something.

I've googled some photos regarding Grunge Wedding Photography.  In my own opinion, this is something a bit far out.  Some images just look dirty, which is what grunge is all about.  The Grunge Look.

Not sure this will catch on with me.  I'll dabble here and there but let's just say it doesn't tickle my creative bone too much. for now...

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  1. You are way ahead of me in this department! Great shots. Love those mules and the