Friday, November 13, 2015

Gusty Winds

So the NOAA for our area put out wind advisories with gusting winds up to and above 50 mph.

Yesterday morning precisely at 6am, the winds picked up sharply and we heard something shatter in the woods and felt a thump.

An old oak tree that was dead had given in to the high winds and had come down.
We went out to do chores and thankfully the worst of the winds were above us on the ridgetops.

We live in a slight hollow and are sometimes protected from the high winds depending on which direction it is coming from.

While doing chores we heard two more trees crack and fall in the distance.
One thing for sure, the high winds were going to keep us out of working in the woods today.

After the winds die down later today I will go out to check the fences in both the woods and the meadow.

By next week at this time all of our critters will have to be moved to their winter lots.

Count down to Gun Deer Season is 8 days.

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  1. We had very similar weather. Right now it is 40 degrees and we may actually a snow dusting by morning. Then....back in the 60s this coming week. I hope your fences were not damaged.