Friday, October 02, 2015

Morris, and our Adventure.

Morris on top of footbridge #2

After our visit with Dr. Piper and a rabies shot [yes, his teeth do need cleaning and he has to have some medicine first...], Morris and I headed to Duck Egg Park in Vernon County WI.

We parked at the lower parking lot in the valley.  I thought we'd walk past the Duck Egg Dam and get to the other side of it and get some shots of the Bad Axe River the Springville Branch.

Alas.  It was too late in the afternoon.  By 4pm we made the dam and Morris introduced himself to some Vernon County Land and Water Conservation workers that had been working on the dam.

They were very pleasant and it seems that we were the only people plus one dog in the whole valley.  They gave me tips about getting back to where I wanted to take some photographs.

Morris is pictured on one of the foot bridges provided for hikers.  This park has a lot of hiking and equine trails.  Sidie Hollow has an easy hiking trail and some very challenging mountain bike trails.

There are more parks but I want to stick with this one for now.

The rock formations at Duck Egg are incredible.  In fact the views were so beautiful that I couldn't hike very far without stopping and taking photos.

Water under footbridge #2

Bad Axe, Springville Branch
under footbridge #3

On top of footbridge #3

The trail winds around two ponds that I found just as captivating as the Bad Axe itself.
Duck House in pond

The trail and the late afternoon light really lit up the Eastern end of the valley.
Looking slightly eastward from the second pond

As I said just before 4pm we got to the dam.

You can see it from the lookout above the valley, but to see it from the valley floor is more impressive.  Other county dams are not as huge.  

If you look very hard in the shadow on the top of the dam there is one of the Land and Water Conservation people working there.

Duck Egg Dam

I figured I'd better turn around and march back to the car, it would be after 5pm before I got back to town. To save some cooking time, I'd grab a pizza for supper.

Morris led the way, he is such a trooper.  At our 'favorite' bridge, the one I call #2, he stopped and stood for a while as if taking in everything around him.

Morris stares wistfully 
at his favorite trail.

Looking back

We probably made it in record time back to the car.

I know it will only be a matter of time before we get back to where I really wanted to get some shots.

Morris will always be up for the adventure.

Although, I must say he was a bit stiff and tired last night before we went to bed.

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