Monday, October 05, 2015

Chilly morning at Jersey Valley

I drove to Jersey Vally a couple of days ago when it got to be in the higher 30's at night.

I thought I might be able to see some mist coming off the water and I was not surprised.
However the very cold Northeastern breeze did chill me to the bone.

On the ridge the sun was already blazing away, warming the morning up.

However deep down in the valley it was quite cold.

Althought when the sun began to just peek over the tree tops, the valley started to brighten up with colors.

I stayed a few more minutes and tried to rub some warmth into my hands. Finally my patience ran out.

I headed back towards the car and decided to just head home.  

Next time, I am coming with finger-less gloves and something much warmer to wear.

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