Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Just ... Stuff

Not much to blog about.
It is hot and humid.

The appointments are not done and more are to come.

I've reached the point where I just would like a quiet day to go off with my cameras AND my dog Morris and hike.
The bugs wouldn't even bother me.

Just some time to be creative and be myself.

oh and Morris...
I visited him today in town and he kept giving me the look.

An intense look.  Very intense.

Outside he walked over to my new car...he's only had two rides in it.
He sat by the door.
And wouldn't move.

I think it is time for Mr. Morris to come home to be with us.

Only 3 days this week and one day next of radiation appointments.

But I think in Morris's mind ... he needs to be home.
Does he sense something?
They say that dogs are so good at sensing things.

I think I need him and his company.
Not to take anything away from hubby.  I just miss him so dang much.

Come home soon Morris.

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  1. Just stuff is good keeps us parallel with reality. What is it about paw babies they walk in reality. Take care