Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our Wonderful Wicked WI Weather

Should have gone with ALL W's there, but couldn't figure out how to do it.

Most of the animals stood around during the last storm and just took it all in stride, pointing their butts at the wind or going into the woods to hide.

According to NOAA, locally we received about 6" of snow.  Now that is hard to measure because the winds were whipping up on the ridge at about 35 mph.  Our road was drifted in ~ in several spots.

Down in our 'hole' it wasn't so bad.

But get out into the areas where the wind could reach and...we had whirlwind snow or Snow Tornadoes.

When I walked back towards the house I was lucky enough to catch the wind whipping snow off from the shed roof.

Very impressive winds.  The trees behind me were moaning and creaking.
So I decided to pocket my old P&S camera and head inside.

What was even more impressive is that our Town Patrolmen [they do all the maintenance on our town roads], were out in force using front end loaders and the road grader to clear the plugged roads.

Kudos to those snow plow drivers, both our county and townships.

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