Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Round of Weather

I've gotten tired of trying to figure out what exactly the different weather people are doing here.  One weather service names the snowstorms, NOAA doesn't.

That doesn't change the fact that our winter this January has been fairly unusual even for Wisconsin.

We've had sleet/ice/rain/snow storms, bitter 'Artic Vortexes' [I keep waiting to get swept away in one of these Vortex's], snow, cold, bitter cold, and then nice winter days such as yesterday.

It isn't easy on our stock or on anyone else who has livestock.  While at the grocery store a friend told me that a friend of hers lost her elderly mare in this last cold spell.

So far all of our animals seem to be doing just fine.

Our Dexter Cattle seem very unperturbed at all by the weather.  They eat.  They lay down together out of the wind and chew their cud as if they have no worries in the world.

Fred, Dinah, and Siera, run and play or stand in the sun.  They are experts at getting shelter from the winds.

Although this last Sunday night the winds howled so hard that it blew whatever snow was left loose into a frenzy.
I couldn't see out my south window.  When I did I could see the snow moving across the ground in waves.

Yesterday I took a walk.  Well, a hike with my snow shoes on.  In places the snow is over knee deep.  I can vouch for snow shoes.  They really do help although you must learn to walk a bit differently in them.
At least I wasn't hip deep in some of the drifts.

I found animal trails in the woods.  Coyote, Deer, and all sorts of other animals are using the same trail to get around.


 Of course I had to break my own trail.  After that is done with a pair of snow shoes it gets easier as long as you follow the same path.

I guess I have a lot of walking to do then!


Lori Skoog said...

What a spectacular collection of photographs! We have had similar weather and I AM SO SICK OF IT!

The Three Muleteers said...

Ah lovely pictures of your animals! That is one beautiful mule :-) We have rain, rain and more rain here which is getting wearing too, every time I wish for snow though I think of you guys and remind myself it's not fun either!

Stay safe.