Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Morris had to give up the original Hedgehog...

Here is a photo of Morris on the very first day with his Hedgehog that he inherited from another dog that passed away.  The photo was taken on May 12, 2007.  So yes, he isn't that terrible awful on his toys, but by the time we started doing the Happy Hedgehog and Crazy Squirrel Books, Happy had begun to look a bit time worn.
Soon people began buying Morris Hedgehogs and his Happy Hedgehog family grew and grew.  Yet the one he most often pulled out of the toy box was still ol' Happy.  Happy who was now missing most of his nose most of the fur on one side, and had several splits in his seams.  

I'd sewed Happy up several times and now there was just about nothing left to attach thread too.  No, Morris didn't rip it apart.  He takes his toys by the tip of his teeth and shakes them, then tosses them.  Eventually the fur pulls right out.  

So sadly I had to wrap the original Happy Hedgehog up and toss it.  We've put a special Hedgehog that he recently got from Dennis [our grandson] up so he can't play with it.  I'm hoping to use this one as the new replacement in the next story book I do.

Morris didn't seem to upset, he spent about 10 minutes looking for Happy then resolved to go and play with the frog that Ariel had given him.

I think I miss that ol' toy more than Morris does!
Long live Happy Hedgehog!  


Debra said...

I love Morris. When they said a picture is worth a thousand words, they were talking about a picture of Morris!

Val said...

Thanks Debra!

sharon said...

Your grandkids are going to cherish these stories!