Friday, September 14, 2012

The Coming of Fall

I think Fall has just jumped in and started without my permission.
Suddenly we've gone from hot hot hot, to nights of 40 degrees and days of balmy sunny 70 degrees.

The Robins are starting to leave.  The starlings are lining up on wires, grouping together to make a mass migration.
I love and hate this time of year.  The beauty is incredible.  The shorter days...well, almost difficult to deal with.  
Although the later sunrise does allow me to take great sunrise photos.  So there is a benefit.

When the days grow shorter, I feel like I am losing out on something.  Not sure exactly what, perhaps it is just a reminder that indeed time grows short.

But I do look forward to winter oddly enough.  I like hiking through the quiet snowy woods and the landscape that winter provides.
Once winter hits, I'm good.  But with the onset of fall and the shorter daylight hours...well it makes me anxious.  It makes me feel like I should be outside grabbing every second that I can before the dreaded 'darkness' hits.

Today I spent an hour or so just sitting on a log in the woods and listening to the birds sing and watching squirrels gathering food for the winter.   
The animals are starting to grow their winter coats, although they still look slick and glossy.

Oh how I do have a love-hate relationship with Fall.


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