Friday, September 28, 2012

Lovely Thursday

It began with a trip to Sidie Hollow before dawn.

When I got home, it was chore time and help put in new electric wire, time....

Next up, breakfast and phone calls.  To the vet, *Can Morris eat breakfast?* No.  He is going in to get his teeth clean, he is 8 yrs old, which is like 50+ to us.  $$

Next call to the shop that put the struts on the jeep.  Front end squeaks like the struts are doing something?  Mechanic...*bring it in Monday and we'll check it out...$$$*

Next call to my counselor's office, I needed to make a last appt for the follow up.  *Okay Tuesday, it is.*  Then pay the bill too.  $$

My hubby calls his buddy to tell him thanks for the pears, they made great jam and pear sauce.  Hubby instructs me to take 'buddy' jam and sauce samples and to pick up another box.

The rest of the day was spent making pear sauce.  Wow, was it ever delicious!  Now I have nearly 6 quarts of pear sauce.  Slightly seasoned with cinnamon and spices.  Very little sugar or other 'stuff' I consider it a healthy wonderful dish!  Served warm it was tart and delicious!  Better than any dessert!

I saved $$$!  Whoop!  Whoop!

6hrs of processing if anyone wants to know.  6hrs on my feet, peeling and coring and dicing.  But hey, it was worth it.

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