Friday, March 16, 2012

Day - Dreaming

I like to day-dream.  Always have.  But it is rare that I take time to sit and do nothing like I did today.

I took out an old beat up lawn chair and moved it next to Morris who was sleeping in the spring sunlight and closed my eyes.  The wind sighed above us, making the tall pines whisper and the laundry flutter on the line.

I opened them and watched the clouds move.  
I just stared and let my mind wander.
[There are those who may say my mind is always wandering!] 

I recall as a child complaining to my grandmother about there being nothing to do one summer afternoon.
We had no TV, no radio, and no phone.  Gasp!
We did not have internet or computers.  In fact, we were lucky we had electricity.

My grandmother looked up at the sky and suggested that I 'cloud watch'.  I asked her why should I do that?
She leaned over and replied quietly.  "Watching the clouds makes you smarter."

Maybe she was fibbing me, maybe she was making it up.  But as a child, I took every word she uttered to heart.

I lay down on the yard tucked my hands behind my head and watched clouds.

I don't think I was made smarter, but I do think I learned one thing.  I learned to day dream and watch clouds float by.  I learned that there was always something you could do even if you 'thought' you were bored.

Today I just relaxed and watched cloud formations build and then dissipate.   I listened to the robins sing and the other birds that were coming back.  I sat in the warm sun next to my dog and did a little day-dreaming.
It took me back to the day when my grandmother had told me that 'cloud watching' would make me smarter.

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