Friday, July 01, 2011

Point and Shoot Camera?

The other day I stopped and talked with a neighbor while coming home from work. I noticed that her daughter held a very nice Nikon *all in one* camera. One that I'd probably love to have.

I commented on the camera and she said~~
*Oh I wish I knew how to operate the darned thing, it has so many settings!*

I said, *Well gee, get a cheapo point and shoot camera and experiment with it first, they have all those basic settings also.*

Her eyebrow went up a bit.
I knew it was coming.

*But those cheap cameras don't take good pictures!*

I smiled and had a bit of 'camera envy' over her Nikon. It would be handy to have while on hikes. Hmmm.

But then I recalled my first digital camera.
A point and shoot Olympus Stylus 410. Pocket sized.
I had 3 magazine cover shots for Mules and More Magazine with that 'cheapo crappy camera'.

I used the camera for 6 yrs before it started to croak on me.
It took awesome macros and sunset photos, it was a great learning camera.
One I was not afraid to take riding with me...
I then replaced it with a Pentax Optio W60 which I fell deeply in love with as it took great super macros and was tough also.

And the Pentax is not afraid of cold weather. In fact I broke it, sent it in and had it repaired because I love it so much!

For everyday use and running back and forth to work, I normally have a pocket camera. Since I have broken 3 other pocket cameras, I bought the cheapest one they had at Walmart.

I call it my Pink Fugly Camera.
It is cheap.
But boy it can take some great shots!

I drove away from my discussion trying to figure out the reasons exactly WHY I should have a Nikon like hers.

Well heck, the lens was great.
The camera was nice.

...and it had all those cool little settings.

Then I heard my Dad's voice saying:

It is not the camera, it is the person behind the lens.

I guess I keep the Fugly Pink Camera...
for now...
until I can figure out a good reason for that Nikon....


Will said...

Nice story Val, I couldn't agree with you more.

Val said...

Yes but will I get the Nikon?

Maybe I'll argue with myself for a while about it!

Rachel said...

Your photos are amazing - and your Dad was absolutely right: it's the person, not the camera. You have "the eye," and there's no questioning that. I don't think ANYONE should go ANYWHERE without a point and shoot in their hand, not even out in the back yard. Your photos are proof of that. :)