Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hidden Beauty Underfoot

You know there are not only wildflowers that are things of beauty that grow in the woods.

There is the secret world of fungi.
I used to say Mushrooms, but fungi covers most of what I do find.

But apparently Fungi is the more proper term.
I don't know what all I do find, but I think there is a 'project' in the future for a photo book on fungi.

There are some useful sites for Identifying the Fungus Among Us.

Amazing Fungi

Tom Volk's Site, he is right here in LaCrosse Wisconsin.
He has an interesting article on White Nose Syndrome which is regarding the large die out of bats in the Northeastern United States.

Whoops, got a bit sidetracked there!

So if you are taking a walk in the woods or 'round about in your yard, take a closer look at the little things.
Sometimes they are ugly, sometimes beautiful.

The lovely world of fungi.

All shots were done with a point and shoot pocket camera.

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