Thursday, February 10, 2011

Morris takes a break

We headed down to the Creek Bottom a couple of days ago. The depth of the snow surprised me quite a bit.
Even with snow shoes on, I floundered in knee deep [or worse!] snow.

Before we reached the Creek, Morris had to get picked up and carried for a bit. He had to hop from one of my tracks to the other.

When the snow became over knee deep I had to literally stomp a trail a foot at a time.

The harsh winds from last week seemed to have blow ALL of the loose snow into this section of woods.

After a long struggle we reached the bottom and it was worth it.

The temperatures had warmed up before becomeing so cold again so we were delighted to find some bright green algae in one of the quieter pools of water.
Morris began to shake and growl.

I took his photo ...
then turned and watched a coyote lope across the way on the south facing hillside.
The animal slowed and stopped.

He/she gave us a stare and then disappeared into the brush.

Just past the pool of clear bright water was a kill zone. The snow was still bloody in areas and we followed the drag marks.
We found the 'meal' and I wandered around looking at it.

Mother Nature has a way with dealing with the weak, ill, young, and the strong. This area told a story of that very thing.

I know a lot of people will think this is disgusting and gross. But think about it. It is Nature in its purer form. Life and death are stark in the Forest, there is just no getting around it.

We went on and I took some more photos until the both of us were freezing cold, then headed back home.

With the intense cold right now, Morris is staying home. He is okay with it and likes to hide in his 'cave' when he is disappointed.

For his safety, and because it is Coyote breeding season [they are more territorial during this time]...he will be spending time in the house while I hike alone.

Of course we'll have play time outside in the yard when the temps allow it. After all he needs quite a bit of exercise.

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