Sunday, March 11, 2007

A day of beauty

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After a very intense week of schoolwork I took a break and saddled Mr. Mule. I am SO glad that I took Badger as the snow was still knee deep. It was too soft to stay on top even with snow shoes.
Badger was such a good, if reluctant sport, as usual. He slogged his way through drifts that came to his chest and carried me with great care over a snow hidden terrain.
We spent 3 hours wandering the valley and woodlands. The snow mobiles raced through the same valley but they never saw us.
We headed up and into the hills following deer trails and by the time we ended up on Tigen road, Badger really had a workout.
This is a good thing as he and I are begining our training for our first 50 mile endurance race this year.
In a few weeks we will start a new training program.
I smile as I type this because I know of a certain son of mine that is training for an upcoming half marathon I believe. I think we both just love competition, although I've taken it to the equine world...
and he is doing it on his own power.
I did that once too, when I was his age!
Hope those ten miles worked out well son!
My workout was easier but probably much more fun!

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