Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Cold as a...well

My mom used to have a saying about that. It was not really printable, but it included a Well Digger and his rear end, if you get my drift.

I was rather productive yesterday. Cleaning the house, cleaning the stall, making Wild Soup [that includes Bart Beef]. I used canned tomatoes from my 2018 garden along with good helping of dehydrated corn, green beans, morel mushrooms, and some wild rice and squash to thicken things up like a stew.

The mist that fell yesterday made the driveway and mud into icy walkways. I could have gone to CrossFit, but decided with the dense fog to stay home and do all those homey things I didn't do over the weekend. Besides, I thought Rich would enjoy my company after I was gone for two days.

Funny. He was rather irritated that I vacuumed when he had decided to sit and watch NCIS of some form. I just did it. If I can't clean when he is napping or watching TV, then the house would remain dirty all of the time.

I came up with a brilliant plan for Lil' Richard the tiny pony. I moved him to another paddock that I'd made with a tarp for overhead shelter. When the winds decided to gust up to 30 mph it became a poor idea. He didn't really react much to it, but wouldn't get under the flapping thing for shelter.
I ditched the tarp until I can think of a way to make it work better.

OH! So...I should say that I shouldn't complain about the 'stuff' my husband accumulated, as some of that stuff came in handy yesterday.

I went back in the piles of odd pieces of plywood leftover from construction and found two pieces that were not square but would provide Lil' Richard with a wind break.
I got the cordless drill out and drilled holes in the plywood so I could attach it to the metal panels. I used old twine string to tie it to the panels.
The difference those pieces made in Mr. Pony's comfort was amazing. I stood behind the plywood while adjusting to it and was much warmer than I would have been in the wind!

I'm going to grab another scrap piece of plywood and make a little temporary roof for him since the tarp worked out badly.

Lil' Richard also gets to enjoy the indoor stall once in a while but with the cold spell coming on, I have pretty much reserved it for Mica who is a 'hard' keeper. Mica and Sunshine don't seem to appreciate the indoor accommodations much. They are rather restless in the morning when I get ready to do chores.
But at least I can halter the both of them up and they lead quite nicely together down the driveway to the gate and out to the wooded pasture.

The temperatures are at zero, the wind chill is supposed to be something like -10, but the sun is shining and all my critters are out sunning themselves as they eat their hay.

I do love living in a 'hollow'. The cold winds don't always get down here and when the sun shines, it is very pleasant.

I must say, I was pretty darned proud of my hillbilly solution to the windbreak.


  1. You are making good use of stuff to make a windbreak! Be Careful on the ice...we are bitterly cold here today. It has warmed up to 11 below now:(

  2. Yup! That cold here too.