Thursday, August 03, 2017

Tales of Tails

This is what happens when the Merry Meadow can't be clipped for weed control. The Burdock must have grown monstrous overnight, right?
No, I saw tails getting cluttered up with the nasty burdock heads, but waited to do something about it.

I took a stroll through the meadow and found that the redheaded sisters had been forging down into "The Island" area which is loaded with multiflora rose and other nasty weeds.
They are the adventurous mules who will go anywhere to search for goodies. They will eat the burdock leaves and sometimes even the flowering burrs themselves. Multiflora rose can be a delicious treat as well as thistle flowers.

I made the Executive Decision to move the mules across the fence to the our pastures. The one wooded pasture is being cleaned by the Dexter cattle who love to eat burdock and nettles.

Anyway, back to the tails.
What a mess! Sunshine's tail was one massive lump. The hair was twisted tightly around the burdock.

I got out Showsheen, a brush, a comb, scissors, some thinners, and some hair conditioner.
I worked for over an hour cleaning out knots and burdock.

I had to cut out the twisted lump, there was no way to untangle the mess.
However, if you didn't know that, her tail didn't look too bad.

She was rather unconcerned about her tail, however since I know she has a beautiful full tail, I'll be working on making sure it grows back in nice and full.

Fred's tail was not much of a mess. He, unlike Sunshine, stood like a statue for his tail grooming.

He and Siera have nice full tails. But that is probably because I haven't had to cut out much burdock from them in the past few years. They have been spared the Meadow area with the burdock mostly because I keep them close in for riding.

Thankfully out of all 5 mules, Sunshine's was the only one that needed trimming. I'd cut Mica's tail last fall to hock length to let the damaged ends regrow. I'd cut Sundance's tail this spring to get out the snarls.
Now the gals and Fred will get some extra TLC for their tails. Siera's tail had to be trimmed as it is long enough for her to step on it when she backs up.

Everyone enjoyed several minutes grazing the nicer grass that is in the yard. I was tempted to just put a hot wire across the driveway and let them loose. However I have a feeling that I'd have mules on the porch staring in the windows.

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Older and wiser said...

Chores, chores, and more chores! You and Rich take such good care of your farm.