Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mostly House Stuff

Right now our lives are being taken over by the finishing work in the Tiny House.
Walls of plastic are everywhere, the scent of drying drywall mud has permeated the house.

During the day the house is a literal dust bowl. Sheets of plastic cover some rooms and linen sheets cover as much of our belongings as possible.

Yesterday though I took some time 'out' and had a side trip to Tainter Hollow for some photography. 
It seemed to be a perfect day to practice with the infrared filter.

I could have spent the day doing photography but alas, Rich had run out of clean jeans and our laundry situation was desperate.
So sadly I left Tainter Land and traveled home.

Then I went to my neighbor's and did 3 huge loads of laundry.

Can't wait to have a washer and dryer at home again!

More on the remodel at:
The Little House Remodel

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The Dancing Donkey said...

Having one's house torn up is always hard and drywall dust gets everywhere. I hope it is finished soon.