Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Take a Hike by Morris

The hike.  
She carried me under her arm to get me past the molly mules who don't like dogs in their pastures.
I tuck up under her arm very well.  I place my feet on her pistol's butt and the belt itself.
We headed down the ridge road to the creek and to my surprise she kept going.

She had to climb a fence and work her way through berry briers and multiflora rose bushes that whipped at her.  I just scooted underneath them on the deer trail.

Finally we came to the wide open space that she calls 'the knob'.
I could see forever...well as forever as a dog that is only 12" tall can see!
She got busy taking photos of weeds and stuff.  I kept an eye out for other critters and found a mouse nest to dig up.
Then we decided to take the long way back down through the valley and not try and cut through all the brush.  I must say, she made a pretty smart move.  It is easier to follow the creek than to try and bust through thick brush.
When I got back to the farm, I was tired!  I think I ran twice the distance that SHE walked.

A nice simple nap was in store when I got home.  I snuggled up on the couch.  Sigh.
She still had one more shot to take. 
Of me...



  1. Ah Morris...such a good boy!

  2. Oh Morris we are your number one fans, such lovely travels with your human, it's hard work when your legs are so beautifully proportioned. As always love the pictures!