Friday, October 21, 2011

About Fall

Sometimes I swear I detest this time of year.
The days have grown utterly short.

The nights come on fast and you are still wishing to have daylight left because of all the things YOU wanted to get done this summer ... but haven't.

The brilliant show of foliage has mostly faded into crunchy [if it is dry] or soggy squishes under your feet [if it is damp].

The birds that are left to sing are blackbirds, crows, chickadees, along with some sparrows.

This is the time of year that feels lost. The Deer-Gun Hunting season will come soon taking everyone's minds off the dull browns of this time of year. Snow will soon come and everyone will start thinking about Christmas.

But what of now?
I've learned to begin to enjoy these days also.
For actually they do provide quite a bit of beauty in the woods if you know where to look for it.

There is the old abandoned car in what the kids call 'the bone yard'.

There is the creek to always delight in its sound and its beauty.

...and the comedian who makes you laugh.

Then as we head back home we stop and say hello to Sundance who is turning out to be one beautiful red molly mule. Her momma, Cheyanne would have been very proud of her.

And I think to myself ... that perhaps fall with its dull days really isn't quite so bad.

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Lori Skoog said...

I love all the seasons...there is something about building a nice fire in the wood stove that makes it very cozy as the darkness comes on earlier and earlier.