Sunday, October 31, 2010

Writing for Fun

When the chills of October and November hit I turn inward from the outside and start using my imagination.

With my grand child stories, it hasn't been hard to come up with stories. I'm writing to please myself and children.

It all really started with a stupid and crazy idea.

The Big Adventure, The Big Woods, The Big Creek...they were ideas that occured with visits in from the grandchildren.
Why not turn their adventures into parallel adventures with Morris and his toys?
I only intended to do one story.

Really I did.
But then Morris and his friends began to take on a creative life of their own stemming from my own imagination.
I allowed Happy Hedgehog to become the steady 'thinking' character that almost always decides to follow logical reasoning and caution.
Crazy Squirrel~well his name just doesn't help him be sensible does it?

...and Morris.
He didn't enter into the series until The Big Creek, but this allowed the stories to take on more adventures and include other farm animals.
Who knew a dog could talk?

His character is him. The essence of him.
Sometimes he is silly, sometimes he is reserved, but he is always willing. Morris never usually thinks things through.

So last winter I was walking through Walmart with my husband when I saw a stuffed Tiger Dog Squeak Toy.
I swear, this story line hit my brain while standing in the dog toy section of a chain store.
I grabbed the Tiger and my husband said, *Oh like Morris needs another Toy???*

I said, *No, but...* I held up the toy, *this is the main point of the next Crazy, Happy, and Morris story. Don't you see? He's a Tiger that thinks he's a Snow Leopard!*
Of course it was crystal clear to me.

I thought my husband was ready to admit me to the first mental ward he came across. Then he slowly nodded.
*I see,* he said. He may not have, but he knew how my mind worked who played and photographed stuffed animals ... that talked.

So I'm working on the finishing touches of The Big Snow while one more is presenting itself to me.

The Big Road.

Stay tuned.

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